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Autumn / Winter 2023

In the latter half of this year -

Kit is running workshops at both the Thackeray Museum and Armley Industrial Museum.


Kit is also working for Run of the Mill History as an Access Consultant,

as well as continuing to produce artwork by commission. 

Queerology @ Assembly House; Here & Queer  

"Queerology is a collective of queer artists based in Leeds. It began life as a project producing queer art, instigated by the 50th anniversary of homosexuality being decriminalized in England (1967-2017). It has since grown into an artist collective with emphasis on promoting and platforming queer art and artists in Leeds, particularly trans and non-binary people. 

“Here and Queer” proposes an exhibition surrounding the theme of Queer Visibility. The title itself, relating to the phrase “We’re here! We’re Queer! Get used to it!” shouted in protest. “Here and Queer” will explore the many different and unique ways of being visible as a queer individual.


IMG_3480 (1).png

Crowd , 2023

Kit George

How many versions of yourself have you been? Images exist in stasis forever, but the self is ever changing. 

  no person is just one single thing.


    Living with a personality disorder and feeling like many  lives lived in different worlds at a young age, I felt really connected to this passage by the author Gloria Anzaldúa;

      “I am a wind-swayed bridge, a crossroads inhabited by whirlwinds … You say my name is ambivalence? Think of me as Shiva, a many-armed and legged body with one foot on brown soil, one on white, one in straight society, one in the gay world, the man’s world, the women’s, one limb in the literary world, another in the working class, the socialist, and the occult worlds. A sort of spider woman hanging by one thin strand of web.

     Who, me confused? Ambivalent? Not so. 

Only your labels split me.”

 - Gloria Anzaldúa

Technique: Pencil on paper, Wire and string 


Bundles for Armley Action Team  (CIC)

Armley Action Team  are a community charity in Armley, Leeds. 


They asked me to create some logo / branding for their new shop / foodbank that wasn't too off putting for teenagers but also welcoming to parents and children.

Click here to keep updated with Armley Action Team!


Please look through the images below to see some of the design process.


@Leeds City Museum 

For LGBTQ history month (Feburary) 2023, 

Queerology Leeds was invited to feature in Leeds City Museum's community corridor.

This included work from Kit George, Oran Rose, & Hold It Up collective; Florian Hynam, Frankie Mazzotta & Kristina Nenova.

Kit has been a part of the Queerology collective since 2018, and has a large part in organizing members and events from 2022 onwards.

Rat Party poster

Digital Image designed for a LGBTQ,

POC and SWer inclusive club night,  

 Rat Party,  based in Leeds.

The poster &  social media promotional

images were created for an event at

Eiger Studios in winter 2022.

Click here to read more about the night in an article 

Click here to listen to music and livestreams 

Royal Armouries x Leeds 2023 : Hidden Histories

From Royal Armouries
"As part of Leeds 2023 Hidden Histories pilot project we are exploring different perspectives on the Royal Armouries collection. This has involved working with historian Kit Heyam, artist and researcher Luna Morgana and Artist Kit George  to facilitate a session with the local trans community to re-examine a sword owned by the 18th-century spy and diplomat, la Chevalière d’Éon."

This was a research and development project which we facilitated a workshop with local LGBTQ groups for the Museum, where Kit & Luna & Kit Heyam ran a history and zine making workshop with the Royal Armouries.