I’m Kit, and my pronouns are They/He.

 I am a creator based in Leeds.  

Originally from Cumbria;

 I attended Foundation at Carlisle , before graduating Visual Communication (Ba) at Leeds Arts University 


My work is wide ranging, from mural design for music festivals, to make-up workshops with adults and young people for Leeds Pride. 

My keen interest in community, and where people find a sense of belonging, led me to create my first documentary film ‘Tete a Trans’ which interviewed six trans people in Leeds, exploring the differences and intersections in personal and collective experience.

After graduating I gained experience in a creative factory making and painting scenery and costumes for seasonal themed sets and costumes / animatronics. 

During and after Uni I became involved with local drag collective Age of The, started by another fellow lgbtq+ LAU graduate. This let me continue to pursue set and costume design, as well as create safer spaces in our shows, (on top of visually exciting ones.)

 As a trans person with a visual impairment, I am driven to create works that are community and accessibility driven, with a social conscience.